We work with leaders to discover and implement solutions—

For schoolsone of th school sI spoke

Teachers today work in an environment that can be packed with issues of disrespect for self and for others. Students don’t automatically show the kind of respect that past generations showed. OTL offers professional workshops and seminars that can help change that climate.

For familiesdissedRespect Cover

Respect and honor are the foundation of spiritually, emotionally, and socially healthy families. Oak Tree Leadership focuses on the leadership role men can take in their families. Our resources help restore respectful relationships in all areas of life.

For churches

Church leaders face the critical challenge of demonstrating and authenticating Christian beliefs to an increasingly skeptic audience. Oak Tree Leadership provides the means for roundtable, catalytic workshops that explore fresh perspectives and practices for reaching an ever-changing culture with the never-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Around the world

For over 15 years, Oak Tree Leadership has had the privilege of distributing printed materials in North America, South America, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. We have been able to donate nearly 70,000 books in 3 different languages in Guatemala, India, and several countries of Africa. Our mission remains to help others live the abundant life that turns stumbling blocks for failure into stepping stones for success.

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