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Jason Perry has served the Church and the Kingdom of God for more than 30 years as a church planter, pastor, evangelist, and teacher. He has national and international experience speaking on a wide range of church-strengthening topics, and all that experience has crystallized into his current focus: Rethinking Outreach & Discipleship.

Rethinking Outreach & Discipleship

This is a catalytic roundtable workshop for teams of church leaders (staff and non-staff). You’ll gather with other ministry leaders and their teams—all people who are passionate about following Jesus’ example to make disciples who make disciples. Together you’ll wrestle with questions like:

  • How are we giving unchurched people an opportunity to hear the Gospel?
  • What is our plan for making disciples who make disciples?
  • How are we equipping the average church member to reach their circles of influence?
  • If our church were to close today, would our community notice?

Participation requirements

Your team will have some work to do before the first day of the workshop! There is an assessment to complete together, and there’s an expectation that you and your team will commit to full participation. This ensures that you all receive the maximum benefits from attending.

But don’t worry—we’ll help. When you register, we’ll send you:

  • A plan to help you choose your team
  • A tool to help your team assess your ministry’s outreach and discipleship efforts
  • A list of reading resources to help prepare your team for the workshop
  • A prayer guide

Need more information? The video below explains the workshop. After you watch it yourself, feel free to show it to your church’s leadership team, so they understand the importance of Rethinking Outreach & Discipleship:

Or, if you prefer, Jason can meet with your church leadership to discuss the purpose and scope of the workshop, and to answer questions. Contact him at 708-893-0021 or


What is a “team” from my church?

Your church team will be three to four staff or non-staff people who have responsibility, vision, and/or passion for the outreach and discipleship aspects of your ministry.

Why would I want to attend this workshop?

Because it will impact your own energy level as well as the future of your church in your community. This practical workshop will equip you and your team with not only fresh ideas but also a workable plan that you can set in motion right away. And as you set that plan in motion, your congregation will join you, and your efforts will gain momentum. In addition, you’ll be part of a network of churches that are on the same journey—and that’s invigorating too.

How much does it cost?

The Rethinking Outreach & Discipleship event might be customized for your church, and that can affect pricing. In general though, you can register a five-person team for $1,199. (The early-bird price is $999.) That cost covers:

  • All workshop materials, speakers, and facilities
  • Two breakfasts, two lunches, and one dinner for your entire team

Note: The cost does not cover lodging and transportation. You will need to make these arrangements.

Are there additional costs?

As part of the pre-workshop team preparation, one or two books by noted authors will need to be purchased. More details will be provided when you register.

Can I update the names of my team members after I register?

Yes. The name and email address of the ROD Registration Coordinator will be included in your ROD Workshop Next Steps and Lodging email.

Does the workshop come with any kind of guarantee?

Well, not a guarantee, but some reassurance. The quotes below are from actual Rethinking Outreach & Discipleship participants:

“This was so life-changing and encouraging!”

“I now believe we can elevate discipleship to a lifestyle that will encourage evangelism not as a project but as a way of life.”

“R.O.D. provided an opportunity for my church team to develop a customized, unique action plan.”

“The workshop has been a good ignition for the group from our church!”

“Building relationships is key to expanding the Kingdom of God. I feel I have learned useful tools in how to do this well.”

“I learned the value of developing relationships. I don’t need to convince, only communicate.”

“We were able to make a plan for our group that is specific to the needs of our church and community. This was not project-based, i.e. being given a plan and working our church around it. But we all came away with the same goal to reach out in relationship to others to disciple others to Christ.”

Contact Jason today

For more information about Rethinking Outreach & Discipleship, or other presentation ideas, email Pastor Jason Perry:

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