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These are samples of Jason Perry’s presentations. For more information about additional topics or to request a topic of your choice, 

Healthy Marriages in Every Season (Mini Retreat)

Jason and Sharon Perry present time-tested principles for keeping a marriage relationship healthy through its natural Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter seasons. The cost of an unhealthy or unhappy marriage or a painful divorce is high. This retreat offers couples an opportunity to invest in their marriage by learning how to gain or sharpen the skills needed to nurture a successful relationship. Sessions for husbands only, wives only, and couples are featured.

dissedRespect in the Family

dissed Respect In The FamilyThis is a 12-week course that covers two big areas:

  • Understanding Respect and Honor
  • Understanding God’s Plan for the Family

We examine 6 key relationships (Family to God, Parent to Parent, Parent to Family, Child to Parent, Parent to Child, and Child to Child) and learn how respect and honor are keys to building spiritually, emotionally, and socially healthy families. There are three goals for this class:

  • Exalt the Family to a higher level of significance and function, and help you understand the role your family plays in God’s kingdom.
  • Encourage, Equip and Empower parents to fulfill their God-given role of taking responsibility for the spiritual development of their families.
  • Energize a Revolution of Respect that reverses the curse of disrespect in our culture

Email for more information about how Jason and Sharon Perry can help your family connect and grow.

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