Reclaiming The GatesOur families, communities, and schools are facing a crisis that is due in part to the absence of positive male role models and authority figures. Where are the men?

When men are asked to mentor, very often their sense of inadequacy overrides their sense of responsibility. It is not that men don’t want to to help the next generation, it is that they don’t always know how. When asked to mentor, what they feel is, “You are asking me to give resources I don’t have (time, skill, knowledge) to someone I don’t know.” As many men have never been adequately fathered or mentored themselves, they feel inadequate to attempt this process with others. Because men will avoid situations where they risk losing the respect of others, they will avoid those situations in which they feel inadequate, even if it means the shirking of responsibility in their families, schools, and communities.

There is a solution…

Reclaiming the Gates

This 6-week training program for men high-school-aged and older involves 45 minutes of instruction and 45 minutes of small group interaction. Our vision is to empower men to empower leaders of the next generation. To accomplish this vision, we must:

  • Identify those men who want to be a part of the solution of building the next generation of leaders.
  • Equip them to heal from the wounds that hinder them from helping.
  • Inform these men of opportunities to to serve young men.
  • Deploy them to areas where they can make a difference.

Contact Jason Perry about leading your Men’s Group or young men through this 6-week series:

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