Gate Keepers Advance

What is Gate Keepers?

The inspiration for Gate Keepers comes primarily from Lamentations 5. In describing the condition of
destroyed Jerusalem, Jeremiah says “The elders no longer sit in the city gates; the young men no longer dance and sing.” In today’s world, this absence of gate keepers – resource protectors, wisdom bearers, role models, history keepers, story tellers, community filters, etc – makes our community vulnerable to outside forces that hinder and harm us. Filling this void is a key factor in restoring hope and rebuilding our communities. 

Additionally, the book of Nehemiah highlights the importance of rebuilding the confi
dence of men. He did this by empowering them to retake their place as builders and protectors of the community’s walls and gates.

Thus, the mission of The Gate Keeper Movement:  to bring men of respect back to the gates and bring respect back to the men who are at the gates.  

Gate Keepers Advance

The Gate Keepers Advance (we’re seeking to move forward with no retreat) is one way we are seeking to accomplish this goal. The Advance is a short, power-packed gathering of men of all ages. We want them to make  two commitments – to be a man of respect and to help others become men of respect.

  • I want men to leave the Advance with…

    • Inspiration – Hope in the hearts.  It is a call to action for men of respect to return to the gates of their families, communities, schools and to bring respect back to the men at the gates.

    • Motivation – Plan in their head.  It is a challenge to men to make the decision to respond to th call of action.

    • Activation
       – Resource in their hand.  We want men to leave with the motivation
      to act and the  having tools with which to do so. All participants will have a copy of  Guarding Your Gates – a small group resource for men mentoring men.

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