Kenya 2015 Update…Looking Ahead and Looking Back

On Wednesday, I met and had Bible study and prayer with eight remarkable young leaders for Kenya Youth for Christ. There are many story lines to talk about, but, let me share a few bullet points:

  • They have several schools with whom Youth For Christ partners to teach the “Worth the Wait” abstinence curriculum in the form of a life skills course. I met with the principal of one of those schools (Pumwani School for Girls) who enthusiastically shared the significant impact their ministry was having on the students.

  • Several of the leaders shared that they volunteered because of the impact the ministry had had on their lives when they were in High School.
  • The Pumwani School is across the street from an incredibly impoverished slum. Three of the leaders lived in this slum. They said that they work at the school because they want to be role models to the kids who see them in the community. It is their desire to instill the hope of Christ in kids who often have no hope at all.

That evening I had a reunion with several of the staff members – including the past and present National Directors –  who ran the inaugural Generation 21 Leadership Conference back in 2000. As we shared a meal together, it was wonderful to hear stories of lives that were transformed through this event. It was also great for me to hear how God had used “How Far Can You Go?” and my workshop on the topic, in significant ways. One story, which I heard for the first time, was especially funny and significant.

A recent high school graduate desired to attend G21, but could not afford the registration. He decided to volunteer to serve there just so that he could get in. Because my workshop, which was scheduled to have about 40 students, ended up having several hundred participants, I was moved to a tent to accommodate the demand. The young volunteer wanted to attend this session and came up with a clever way to do so. He was responsible for rolling up and securing the tent flaps to its roof. He “worked very slowly” in completing his task, staying on the roof for the duration of my workshop from where he listened to my presentation. It was the only workshop he attended for the entire conference. He ended up marrying the young lady who is the current National Director for Kenya YFC. 

YFC has been using “How Far…” in their crisis pregnancy ministry since that time. We are strategizing to figure out how we can raise the money to print and deliver a large shipment of books for distribution among the young people they serve. We’d appreciate your prayers to that end.

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