For schools

As a teacher and a parent, Jason Perry understands the challenges within our school systems today. His books and seminars are valuable resources for making our classrooms a place where learning can happen. For information about the speaking topics listed below, or to request a topic of your choice for Administrators, Teachers, Students, or Parents, email:

For teachers…

Respect the ClassroomEvery teacher knows that without student respect it is nearly impossible to teach and maintain control of the classroom. But this is not your daddy’s classroom—times have changed, and students don’t automatically give respect.
DissedRespect in the Classroom

  1. explores the differences between teachers’ and students’ understanding of respect, and
  2. provides practical strategies for giving and securing respect and reconnecting disconnected students.

Contact Jason to discuss details for a half-day or full-day inservice:

For students…

Don't Diss MeWhen a student feels “dissed” his natural response is to return the favor. The problem is that this is rarely effective. These interactive presentations address student disrespect in two forums:

  • Don’t Diss Me helps students gain a better understanding of how to get respect and give it to others.
  • King of the Hill addresses the issue of bullying by empowering students to see value in themselves and in others.

For parents…

Respect for SuccessRespect for Success helps parents understand:

  1. why respect is crucial to their child’s personal and academic success, and
  2. the impact of failing to give it.

The seminar outlines practical strategies parents can take to nurture successful children. Contact Jason today to discuss details for a half-day or full-day meeting:

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