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Dissed Respect


Paperback, 39 pgs., 4″ X 5 1/2″ – $5.00
dissedRespect communicates our need to work to define respect and understand how it impacts all of our lives. At stake are safe communities, effective classrooms, and basic human civility. dissedRespect seeks to empower students and teachers in their quest to give and receive the respect that we all need and want.





dissedRespect in the Family

Paperback, 64 pgs., 8 1/2″ X 11″ – $13.00
Building strong families today is more difficult than ever before. Changing definitions, role confusion, crumbling values, and hyper busyness are just some of the factors that make it difficult to nurture healthy family units. In spite of all the significant shifts in what we call the “modern family,” there are certain fundamentals that cannot and should not be abandoned. dissedRespect in the Family gives parents the tools to build strong families on a foundation of respect—respect for self, others, community, and God.


How Far Can You GoHow Far Can You Go? Straight Talk about Sexual Purity

Paperback, 70 pgs., 5 1/4″ X 8 1/2″ – $7.00
Why in the world would anybody ever say “no” to sex? If it’s a natural function, like eating, why not meet the need? This is the question asked and answered by How Far Can You Go? Straight Talk about Sexual Purity, a no-holds-barred, straightforward, up-to-date defense for young and old against the wiles and vices of the 21st-century sex trap. How Far Can You Go? includes a Study Guide designed to help you translate what you’ve read into life-transforming attitudes and actions. Whether it is used for personal study, in a classroom, or in a small group setting, the guide offers questions for discussion and reflection as well as challenges to apply practical principles for pure living.


Morning Manna

Hardback, 133 pgs., 5 1/4″ X 8″ –  $10.00
In the midst of all the things clamoring for our attention, we need to be able to hear the voice of God. We need to listen carefully for the clarion call of wisdom. Morning Manna is a devotional book / journal that points out how God is at work in all of the details of our daily lives. It challenges us to take the time to slow down, enjoy His presence, and experience His life transforming power.


Reclaiming the Sacred in Our Worship Space

Paperback, 60 pgs., 5 1/4″ X 8 1/2″ – $5.00
Sacred Space addresses a cultural shift towards casualness that has significantly impacted the church. In this book, Jason Perry seeks to help each of us experience a revitalized passion for God, ignite a revival that sets our churches ablaze with holy light and power, and radically bless our communities and beyond. Sacred Space is a perfect teaching tool for small groups, Sunday School, and other classroom settings. Each chapter includes questions for reflection and discussion that will further aid the reader in internalizing and practicing the message of the book.


Reclaiming the Sacred in Our Worship Space
AND Study Guide

Paperback, 16 pgs., 8 1.2″ X 11″
Buy both together for $12.00 

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